Suspect not known to PKK

Three Kurdish women have been murdered and the blame of the killings is now being put on our movement. We expect the French judicial authorities to shed light on the killings and to reveal the dark powers behind it.





The allegations on the suspect's ties with the PKK do not reflect the truth because it is not that easy to be a member of the PKK in two years. PKK doesn't accept members from Europe in this way. The mentioned person is not a member of our movement and he is not known by our side or by our executives in Europe. The point is, the Kurdish institutions and establishments in Europe are open to all nations, including Kurds, Turks, Arabs and many others. Some of those people join the activities organized by these Kurdish institutions to show solidarity with the Kurdish struggle but none of these people are members of the PKK, some of them are not even sympathizers of it.

Nobody can commit such professional killings unless he received a military training before or was assisted by some professional killers during the executions.

The suspect has no relations with the PKK or its executives, according to our initial reviews, the suspect has the high probability of being a hired agent on duty for two years.

Three Kurdish women have been murdered and the blame of the killings is now being put on our movement. We expect the French judicial authorities to shed light on the killings and to reveal the dark powers behind it.

I call to your attention to Turkish state's tactics of infiltrating agents into the Kurdish movement and noted that this is a reality which should also be taken into consideration in the process of the investigation into the killings. The major point is to reveal the connections of the suspect should it be proved he indeed pulled the trigger.

Turkish authorities have been trying to push towards an “internal feud within the PKK”explanation since the day the bodies were discovered. Reminding of statements by AKP general vice president and Karabük deputy Mehmet Ali Şahin who said on Monday that “I am afraid similar events could also take place in Germany in the coming days’’ It is obvious that they know something.

It is beyond any doubt that the killings were organized by the enemies of the Kurdish people and this incident cannot be evaluated independently from the policy of genocide and imperialism imposed on the people of Kurdistan, has two probabilities concerning the perpetrators of the killings.

Killings could have been perpetrated as a part of AKP government's “multidimensional integration strategy” which -he underlined- includes the elimination of the leading staff of the Kurdish movement as well. It is of high probability that the executions had been planned within a frame including the elimination of PKK executives in Europe, and much earlier than the beginning of the most recent İmralı talks.

The executions may also have been planned as a result of the cooperation between the NATO Gladio and the Turkish Gladio which -he said- goes beyond AKP's power and expands to deep powers in International Gladio.

In both cases- he added- we have no doubt that the Turkish state is involved in the killings.

It is also possible that the murders were committed by an international power intending to sabotage the recently started İmralı talks.

Neither Europe nor the U.S. side with a solution to the Kurdish problem, none of these powers have given any effort for a solution through negotiations, as they have always sided with a solution based on violence.

It is of major importance to find out the powers behind the killings because this will also shed light on the real intention of the recently launched dialogue process by the Turkish state. He noted that they are ready to provide French authorities with all kinds of assistance to make sure that light can be shed on the killings.

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