I will not give another chance to the government

Abdullah Ocalan, 3.06.2011 Imrali

If the AKP doesn’t take a concrete step, I will not ever give a second chance to them either. The three options are the nationalist and new nationalist discourse, the conservative nationalist discourse, the democratic discourse and tradition.

The discussion the government performs on the basis of religion; The Islamic concept of power is the Islamic concept created by capitalism.

Possible developments after June 15.

Nobody, including me, Kandil and the BDP, will be able to stop the people. I should also be the object of severe criticism should I stop the people and their democratic rights. I am saying again that I am in favor of a democratic solution. However, I will not ever give a second chance to the AKP if they don’t open the way to a democratic solution. If they don’t give a chance to a democratic solution, if the AKP imposes its own method, the current number of detentions and arrests will increase many times more and a painful period will begin and everybody will sustain a major injury.

If a democratic solution isn’t developed, the state will have to face Kandil and everyone will impose its own method and solution.

The government suspended talks not us

Abdullah Ocalan - 12.10.2011

Boycotting Parliament right decision!

Abdullah Ocalan, 24.06.2010

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