Kurds will govern themselves if their rights are not recognised

Kurdish people will have no choice but establishing their own administrative system unless their rights are guaranteed by law.

Kurds can govern themselves withing the Kurdish Communities Union system if Turkish government fails to recognise their rights.

Kurds will organize themselves in social, political, cultural, law, economical, diplomatic and self-defence aspects. Until today KCK concentrated on political aspect. But from now on it will start to organize in all seven aspects

I did everything to pave the way for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish problem...Until today there was a small scale conflict which I prevented. I showed patience for the AKP since 2002 but they did not take any steps to solve the Kurdish Question

if I get positive signals from the government he can convince PKK to extend the ceasefire period until the end of the general elections. But if I don't get any signals then I will say 'it's over.

I criticized Turkish governments politics against imprisoned politicans and said then AKP favors Kurdish politicians who are not posing a threat to Turkey's official stance on Kurdish issue. Ocalan reminded that 2000 politicians are still in prison for so called KCK-case but some leaders of other political parties were acquitted from the investigations with the orders from the government.

The case is of Kurdistan Socialist Party's ex-leader Kemal Burkay, who was under investigation for being a leader of an illegal organization for over 35 years. Burkay, who is living in Sweden, is now acquitted and preparing to return to Turkey after years of exile. Burkay is well-know for his critical stance against Ocalan and the PKK.

Unless I am alive I will never let anyone to touch Kurds honor..

I am calling Kurdish and Turkish political parties to form a "democratic national bloc" which will include every social, ethnic and religious group which are discriminated by the Turkish state.

Happy International Women's Day and thanks to all Kurdish women for their support.

The government suspended talks not us

Abdullah Ocalan - 12.10.2011

Boycotting Parliament right decision!

Abdullah Ocalan, 24.06.2010

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